weekend outfit #4

it's getting harder and harder to find a maxi dress with all the right elements these days. i like my maxis to be empire waist so the top is fitted but the rest falls away in a flowy dream, ie no spanx required (see above). lately i keep finding maxis with with one of two problems (sometimes both!): 1. that hideous high-low hem bit which may be flattering on someone, but makes me look stumpy and confused. 2. a natural waist with some blousiness that really has no place to go. now before you defend these stylish styles to me, let me tell you that i've tried them on and spent a million minutes staring in the mirror looking at the horror that is my knees while simultaneously fussing over the waistband in attempt to get it to land just so. neither was happening. luckily target helped me solve my first world problem. again. send more affordable maxi dresses my way, please!

details: maxi: target | sandals: bandiolino (old), similar | bag: everlane


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