Yes, I am sort of yelling because DONUTS! are very exciting at our house.  During our weekly target trip we decided to purchase a donut pan . And then for the next 15 hours straight, both boys asked if we could make donuts. Repeatedly. I'm convinced they may have been dreaming about donuts as Atticus woke up, came in our room and before saying his usual "good morning" or just as usual "can I watch a show" he sleepily mumbled, "can we make the donuts now?" We were in pretty heavy debate (well heavy debate for 7:15 a.m. on Sunday while coffee was brewing) on the merits of  cinnamon sugar vs double chocolate recipes when Sol came trotting downstairs and announced "time to make donuts with the donut pan!" One track mind let me tell you.  We landed on the cinnamon sugar variety purely due to readily accessible ingredients. Also due to that this here mama is a cinnamon sugar donut fanatic. We cribbed from a couple recipes

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