how's your morning?

Some mornings I feel like I've had a full day by the time I got to work. Here is a pretty average rundown:

6:30: roll over and check slack and email, close eyes
6:40: almost fall back to sleep
6:55: finally get out of bed, curse self for not getting up at 6:30
6:56: attempt to make coffee which involves going into the bathroom to grind coffee beans as not to wake anyone up so i can enjoy one cup of coffee in silencio
6:58: at least one child has come downstairs
7:00: said child needs water, a snack, breakfast (Sol: "I am not very hungry, mom!") and assistance with a marble apparatus/train track but not limited to and possibly including dominos and hot wheels cars. bonus for reading all the current favorite books.
7:05: coffee is ready to drink!
7:05-7:30: explaining again that we do not watch television or phones (no sol, my phone is not your phone and no, you cannot bring it to the bathroom AND no atticus, you cannot watch youtube for a special treat) on weekday morning; plus lunch making, breakfast begging and coffee chugging
7:30-7:45: locating clothes for all which usually leads to folding laundry that has been stuffed into a basket for multiple days plus potentially starting more laundry (and forgetting to move said laundry into the dryer)
7:45:7:47: Sol asks if I want to snuggle so I join him in my bed and we cuddle up for a couple minutes.
7:47-7:50: try to keep up with skin care regime: cleanse, toner, vitamin c/squalane oil, moisturizer, sunscreen, make up, go!
7:50-8:15: trying to dress everyone and encourage boys to dress themselves. bonus for putting throwing dirty pjs down into the basement and putting dirty dishes in the sink. I also find my own damn tights, pack gym bag (see, I run now!) and attempt to untangle necklaces
8:15-8:35: finish getting ready for all: make up for me (chapstick for the boys), brush teeth, put on shoes, eat vitamins, look for boys' water bottles (this is always a struggle) and fill
8:35: kiss nelson and atticus and off they go to school
8:35-840: sol and i finish getting ready (this is usually when sol caves and wants breakfast and/or politely asks, "may i please have some ice cream?"). sigh. locate coats and gather sol's lunch, my lunch, my work bag, gym bag and sol's show and tell (a whole box of trains, sure, why not?), and two reusable bags to go grocery shopping.
8:45-8:55: sol and i go to trader joes and manage to spend $86 dollars in about 8 minutes while consuming coffee and pastry samples
9:00-9:05: arrive at preschool. sol insists on carrying "all the stuff" meaning his lunch, his breakfast he is still eating, his show and tell AND the umbrella. I walk (sans umbrella) next to him with extra clothes to replenish last week's accident, nap mat (please don't nap too long) and water bottle. put away items, sign sol in and kiss him goodbye.
9:05-9:10: drive home and drop off groceries and sol's car seat for the nanny who handles pick up
9:15: already missing my boys as i drive to work and get ready for my own adult daycare ie more coffee with more people who don't know how to share or use quiet voices.