work outfit #11, plus a photo bomb

the photo bombing was so in-yo-face in the last post that atty just joined me for this set. so a twofer if you will! he even added his jason mraz hat. last year this hat made him very salty, like his initial feelings on the high tops. right, let that sink in for a minute.  but this year the hat is loved like the magnetic letters of yore. he puts it on and says, "look in the miror!" toddlers! a very indecisive bunch, especially about their fashion. hey, i can relate. 

but wait, let's talk about this skirt! omg i cannot believe my luck in finding this lone skirt (in my size!) in the depths of the anthro sale room for $19.99. i'm kind of in still in disbelief. so much so that i barely freaked out when atticus ran toward me with oatmeal hands. barely. i'm also excited about wearing this skirt in non-work scenarios, perhaps when we go to miami next month (!!!) with something like this or this, thoughts?

mama outfit details: skirt: anthro, similar | blouse: old navy, similar | ribbed tights: target | mary janes: madden girl, similar

atty outfit details: pizza shirt: old navy, similar | pull on jeans: carters | stripe socks: no clue | straw hat: target, similar


  1. The cutest little photo bomb around! You look great :)
    xo TJ

    1. he is the cutest photo bomb:) and thanks for your kind words! xoxo


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