work outfit #9

i tried on about four outfits in about six minutes before landing on this one. it's got comfort, ease and cuteness. you would think i even planned it right? you probably wouldn't think (although you'd be wrong) that i spent 30 minutes in this outfit on the verge of a breakdown and tearing apart my house looking for my engagement and wedding rings only to remember i never put them on. they were sitting in my cute anthro bowl on top of my dresser, nestled with all my other little bobbles. sigh. poor leeann removed a bathroom sink pipe without question because i was convinced atticus had scaled the sink and thrown my rings down it when he was doing his famous wash the hands dance. i semi-calmly asked atticus if had seen mama's rings about 56 times and he just looked at me like i'd really lost my mind. i even put my whole hand in the toilet bowl (clean bowl i might add!) to search for said rings. i don't know why my brain started working but i very suddenly remembered the exact location of my rings and promptly burst into tears. the outfit's cute though right? even for a completely fictitious and imagined crisis.

outfit details: black wrap dress: american apparel (out of stock!) similar | polka dot tights: target | brown boots: eighteen68 via gilt sale, similar  | striped tank: f21, similar | layering necklace: thrifted, similar | atticus necklace: prasmina (out of business) similar | top bun: achieved via pandahead tutorial 


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