superbowl salad

normally i make food like spicy buffalo wings, pizza, vats of chili, avocado fries or donut holes for the super bowl. but the day prior to the super bowl i cracked open a tube of crack aka cinnamon buns and the day took an unstoppable turn toward carbville. by the way, carbville, in case you're looking for it, is right next to chocolate town and parallel to cheese city. even atticus was on board the greasy train; within two minutes of entering the pool at swim class, he began begging for, "fries! chocolate milk!" 
after a much needed nap, the laziness kicked in full force. by the time six o'clock arrived, my judgement was shot to sh$t so i did what anyone would do, i ordered pizza and cheesy bread for dinner. as i lay, moaning on the couch, sipping herbal tea, i started planning sunday's cleanse of carrot-apple-pear-orange-ginger juice followed by salad and smoothies. sometimes a day without rules makes you appreciate the benefits of things like salad and juice. you know which give you things like energy, a digestive system and not feeling and looking like a foot.

superbowl salad


equal parts baby spinach and spring mix, chopped into bite size pieces
lots of shredded carrot
sauteed mushrooms, add to greens right before serving so still warm
very basic homemade chicken tender (dipped in flour, yogurt and panko, fried in a wee bit of canola oil and kerry gold until crispy) (more complicated chicken tender recipes: A | B)  
yogurt dressing (1/2 cup plain full fat yogurt (not greek), 1/2 tsp old bay, salt and pepper)

mix all that above stuff together in a bowl, top with dressing