work outfit # 6

in case you live under a rock you may have noticed that it's been frigidly, curse-inducing cold this week. even for dc, it's been COLD -- like it was something like 4 degrees when i woke up. aka way too gd cold. also aka there is no way in god's green earth i am wearing anything but pants. of course, i wore pants with ankle boots and NO socks because i'm a moron, but still pants people. now this may seem pretty basic to those of you with a pulse, but if you know me at all, you know that i am not much of a pants person. it's the thighs. i have always hated my thighs and find that pants tend to really, really draw attention to them in a way that i would like to forever avoid. so for about a decade of my life you would find me in dresses, tights and boots during the winter. even if it were freezing, that's how committed i was to avoiding exposure of my thighs. well with age, some maturity and a few brain cells i've realized that warmth and comfort far outweigh my vanity. also, there are some pants that i can sort of stand -- like these sort of cigarette-like pants in dark charcoal gray that have the softest texture and vertical lines that may draw your eye up and away from my thighs. hey, we all lie to ourselves about something right? p.s. i am going to try and wear pants all week!

details: trousers: anthro | blouse: target | jean jacket: levis | ankle boots: target | necklace: anthro circa 2010, similar | earrings: old navy, similar | reverse-denim tote: everlane


  1. Go pants week! You can do it! PS, you look great anyway!

    1. i made it to day four of pants week! woohoo:)

    2. it's been really cold in Maine, too.. pants all the way. even long johns underneath somedays... eep.

      but you look chic!


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