work outfit #3

yesterday was one of those days when nothing went terrifically wrong, but many things were just a little off. and frustrating. and maybe a tad annoying.  in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal, but not a day i'm dying to repeat anytime soon. everyone has days like these sometimes. you make a stupid mistake. you get a huge pimple on your cheek. the garbage bag full of weeds breaks on your bare feet at 9 p.m. best to keep miss stacy in mind in these moments, "tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet." and to wear as many patterns in one outfit as you can, embrace the chaos and wednesday too for that matter. oh and to get a second breakfast. make it a donut. 

outfit details: boots: gentle souls 2011, similar | graphic sheath: h and m 2009, similar | black floral blouse: jcrew ? (consignment), similar | textured belt: target, similar | bobble earrings: old navy, similar

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  1. Cool dress! Love all the pattern mixing.

    1. thanks michelle! i just love mixing the patterns lately, it totally improves my mind set:)


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