dinner failures

the best intentions don't always translate to the best results. the unwritten dinner rule in our house is nelson makes dinner monday through thursday and i make dinner friday through sunday. there is an occasional five guys/raibeing/song que run that is delightful, but mostly we cook. i've always felt guilt about not being able to contribute to dinner on nelson's designated nights, but it doesn't make a lot sense since i get home from work around 6:45 p.m. and yes, atty could eat early and nelson and i could eat late, and that has happened, but it's a rarity. it's important to us to eat dinner as a family as much as we can.

ANYWAY, i've accepted my nights. but sometimes i try to make up for it by going all out. friday night was one of those nights and it was a big effin disaster. i resurrected an old recipe from my own blog, lentil and mushroom burgers. i remembered these being very tasty, healthy and easy to make. after friday, i've realized that "easy to make" is a relative term. at age 32, with no baby and no time table, almost any meal can be easy to make. but at age 35, with a hungry toddler, a work headache and a mean case of over eager blues, even frozen pizza can be a mind f*ck. in this case there were too many uses of the blender, too much worry about healthfulness vs. quantity of oil for successful frying and of course, the grumps. at one point during my chop-clean-blend dance, i told nelson off for not looking in the right place in the cupboard for the goldfish crackers. see what a treat i am? sigh. the dinner was subpar, eaten mostly in silence and it was totally my own fault. the night really just called for grilled cheese, tater tots and fruit. luckily for me everyone, friday comes again every week.