steak salad

i have never made a steak just for little old me.
i have really only made steak once in my life.
a moment of silence please.
ok, moving on, so yes that steak was all things a steak should be, but it was made for two.
one night last week, i made steak just for me.
the idea came to me on the metro.
remember my last train of thought metro idea?

i began with the plumpest and juiciest tomatoes i could find in my fridge.

covered them in a pool of fig balsamic vinegar and oven roasted them till they were ready to pop.

and i'm bound to fall, bound to fall, for you.

the steak was covered in a layer of butter and coated with citrus rosemary gray salt.
and of course, some bitter rocket greens were prepared in a fig balsamic vinegarette.

the combination of flavors was so richly satisfying i literally moaned.

and then ate three more mini lemon cheesecakes.

Recipe: Steak Salad

1 6-8oz filet
1 tbsp unsalted butter
1-2 tbsp rosemary citrus grey salt
1 pint grape tomatoes
half bag rocket greens
6 tbsp fig balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil

-preheat oven to 350
-coat grape tomatoes in 5 tbsp fig balsamic vinegar and place in a baking pan
-place tomatoes in the oven, shaking pan every 10 minutes, cook until roasted, soft, about 20 minutes
-warm a skillet to medium-high heat
-add 1/2 tbsp butter
-coat steak in citrus rosemary grey salt
-place steak in buttered skillet, let cook 4-5 minutes, until crust forms
-add remaining 1/2 tbsp butter, flip steak and cook until crust forms
-place pan in the oven and finish cooking steak for another 10-15 minutes, or until light pink in the center
-mix oil and remaining vinegar and toss with rocket greens
-add roasted tomatoes and steak to rocket greens
-devour while watching bad television in elastic waist pants


  1. Delicious! I actually made myself a filet on Saturday night and had it with some red wine! Oh, and I rented switch which was really cute! That salad is something I'll have to try:)


  2. Ok... this looks DIVINE!!! Where did you get that citrus salt? I want to make these!!

  3. drooling here~
    must try getting fig balsamic vinegar now...


  4. the citrus rosemary grey salt can be found here:

    the fig balsamic vinegar:

    both are amazing!

  5. I love roasted cherry tomatoes- we are thinking of growing some this year-

  6. I am very hungry and this looks wonderful!!! Nothing like a yummy piece of meat!

  7. i'm obsessssed with steak salad. and your's looks soooo good! couldnt look more perfect!

  8. Steak salad? I think I could finally get my man to eat salad with this recipe. Haha
    It looks heavenly! So good.


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