a picture an hour

I haven't done ones of these in forever. 

8ish: have no fear, our days still start the same 

9ish: beauty rituals

10ish shadowy mama and goo

11ish: playground antics

12ish: lunch

1ish: list making

2ish: snoozing

3ish: mama yoga time

4ish: finished the cheesecake

5ish: new cool guy shirt for Atticus from the weekly target trip

6ish: books, books, books in mama's bed

7ish: Atticus pouting in the tub because I asked him to not splash water on the floor. His answer, "I go to bed."

8ish: more cheese and avocado for mama

9ish: boy is in bed, I bring an old favorite to bed and choose sleep instead.