time travel

Yesterday morning I was driving to work, minding my own business, when boom, Whitney Houston "I have nothing" came on the radio and I found myself cranking the volume, screeching along (have you heard me sing? the words tone deaf were invented for me) and buying said song on itunes as i tapped my breaks in the 395 tunnel. Now you may think this love song is some long-lost, romantic memory of Nelson or those oh-so-many (ha!) crushes before him (shhh), but you would be oh so very wrong. See, hearing that particular Whitney Houston song transported me into my childhood house as my mother vacuumed and did the mama dance that I still hope to emulate while singing along to every word of Whitney at full volume. And then my friends, I was done. Once that memory was imprinted to the front of my brain, the tears started flowing, mascara started running and I was a blubbering mess thinking of my mom. Sigh, I feel so much better after confessing that to all of you.