grilled cheese revisited

so there's this caraway cheddar cheese at the falls church farmers market. i buy it every time we go to the fcfm. normally it accompanies triscuts, apple slices or just me and i'm perfectly happy. but this week we were driving home with the standard fcfm fare: the cheese (duh), the juciest peaches you ever did see and three mini cinnamon-sugar donuts for nelson, still warm. you know, the essentials. anyway at the moment when i was debating the great saturday greek yogurt vs chicken nugget first world lunch problem, i remembered we had a few slices of rye bread on top of the fridge. and a couple of beautiful yellow tomatoes  nestled in the crisper with some basil leaves that were on the way out. oh and nelson had bought kerrygold just the day before. and there was lunch my dears. 

caraway chedder
rye bread
yellow tomatoes, sliced
basil leaves

layer ingredients to your pleasing.
personally i like cheese on both sides of the bread, it acts as a glue for the tomatoes and basil.
nelson had this on cinnamon raisin bread.
atticus had greek yogurt. 


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