someecards NAILED it.

what i'm worried about this week in no particular order:
1. am i drinking too much coffee?
2. am i putting enough away in my 401k?
3. how will we ever save enough for atty's college fund?
4. why are there no antibacterial wipes without all those chemicals that actually work and don't smell like lemongrass (nelson hates lemongrass and i'm sick of his biotching!)?
5. why am i either freezing or sweating and nothing in between?
6. how do i apply lipstick without looking whorish anyway?
7. i wonder if we're using the wrong kind of cookware? you know the one that causes cancer?
8. i'm not working out enough.
9. is atticus socialized enough for a two-year old?
10. should i put contact paper in our drawers and cabinets? i've scrubbed them mercilessly and they still look like crap.
11. am i too old for holey jeans?
12. is atticus going to start rolling his eyes at me because i ask nelson to "tape" downton?
13. am i drinking enough water?
14. are those cheap dry cleaners really dry cleaning my clothes?
15. what's in kraft slices? i put a half a slice on my egg sammy almost every morning. more cancer?
16. i'm not reading enough books.
17. do i need to start coloring my grey hair?
18. we need to replace our ottoman, it looks like a biohazard.
19. my engagement ring has avocado in it.