tea and toast

every few months i find myself in a nightly routine of tea and toast that always calms me after a long day. the colder months always require more tea and toast and with a winter storm upon us this seems like the perfect time for a new pairing. i happened upon this decaf sweet coconut thai tea on one of my weekly target runs with atticus a few weeks back. only upon reading the side of the box as i waited for the kettle did i realize the addition of milk and sugar (something i rarely add to my tea, but always to my coffee) were recommended for an authentic drink. this delicate yet almost spicy flavor combination is so subtle and warms the bones as i cuddle under a fuzzy blanket, yawn and watch some mindless television. the addition of creamy whole milk and a spoonful of sugar really makes the coziest drink. oh and i highly recommend a piece of cinnamon toast if you're looking for a nibble with your tea. i always am. ♥