taking stock #2

 (image because i'm addicted)

Making: a concerted effort to ask for help
Cooking: a lot of real simple recipes, like this and this
Drinking: more decaf coconut chai with milk and sugar. addicted. hoping to drink the above watermelon cocktail soon.
Reading: just kids and of course baa choo and just me and my mom and just me and my dad
Watching: a room with a view, love this scene the most
Wanting: a lazy vacation in the sun with a frozen drink and a big nap. and maybe key lime pie.
Looking: at the falling snow
Playing: playdoh at 7:30 a.m.
Wasting: as little as i can
Sewing: nothing. finally started atty's quilt and broke the sewing needle. curses.
Wishing: our taxes were done
Enjoying: a traffic less commute
Waiting: to be able to eat dairy godmother outside again
Liking:our new dining chairs
Wondering: if a big kiddie pool would be the right investment for summer
Loving: listening to atticus say, "god bless you, daddy" when nelson sneezes
Hoping: i can become more self reflective
Marveling: at how freakin' cold this winter has been
Needing: new glasses and contacts
Smelling: feta cheese and lemon zest
Wearing: pencil skirt, chambray and riding boots
Following: my own uneven, tone deaf drum
Noticing: my keyboard is full of dust bunnies
Knowing: i should floss more
Thinking: i need to resume yoga
Feeling: hopeful for spring
Bookmarking: summer clothes like this and this and this
Opening: silly putty
Giggling: at this ghostbusters scene. still.
Feeling: lucky

idea stolen from daybook who stole it from pip 

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