nelson's famous green beans

there is nothing like fresh green beans from the farmer's market in the middle of summer. you can start munching on them straight from their basket as you gaze at all the farmers market goodies, chase your giggling toddler and curse the smell of freshly fried cinnamon donuts. you are truly eating the embodiment of summer.
these are frozen green beans purchased from trader joes in the dead of winter. they are summer green beans most unsuspecting challenger -- buttery, salty, crispy and down right addictive as kettle potato chips. put a sparkly leotard on these ladies and you've got a nancy kerrigan/tanya harding situation on your hands.

recipe: nelson's green beans

2 cups frozen green beans
1 tbsp kerry gold
bit of cooking spray
2/3 tps sea salt
whisp of pepper

add half butter and a bit of spray to medium size frying pan turned to medium high heat
once butter has melted, add green beans
stir to coat, add about 1/3 tsp sea salt, and put a lid on it
let cook about 5-7 minutes, stir again
repeat this step, green beans should start to get crispy, brownish-black edges
add the rest of the butter and salt, stir
let cook another 5 minutes, taking the lid off and on to stir
the goal is to get as many crispy edges as possible
sprinkle with additional salt and wonder why every vegetable is not eaten this way


  1. umm yumm! I do love green beans, but who doesn't

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