some new stuff i'm digging:

1. NYC in a minute quick dry in fashion safari (#201)

the color goes with absolutely everything and it's impossible to notice when it chips unless you're super close up on me. also, it hides anything under your fingernails. like avocado. 

(image cvs)

2. trader joe's organic virgin coconut oil.

obsessed with it. used it to make coconut macaroons, coconut tofu, coconut buttered toast and coconut rice. next up: coconut pancakes, coconut rice pudding and coconut green beans.

(image trader joe's)

3. revlon lip pencil

great color, goes on smooth and stays on my lips much longer than my typical lipstick which lasts maybe 20-mintues on my chatty mouth. bonus: the color gives me additional sass because it's called provacatuer. thanks for the look out be cool mom.
(image target)

4. bathtime letters and numbers

bathtime is more fun than ever before as atty calls out words for me to spell: "spell jeopardy! spell mama! spell stop! spell milk!" now if only i could STOP him from pouring all the "bubble soap, mama!" down the drain before he's even stripped down. 

5. trader joe's chunky guacamole (made with GREEK YOGURT!)

i was very hesitant about this as i am a purist when it comes to guac. but this guac kills. slather it on rye toast and top with feta, dip in your tacos and chips and eat with unadulterated joy.

(image trader joe's)