what's in my bag?

if you're as nosey as me you may enjoy a peak into my overfilled bag.
(disclaimer: on the weekend my bag is FULL of diapers, wipes, fruit packs and more toddler paraphernalia, but i have to keep my weekday bag SANE so i try to do a purge on sunday night)
from left to right and around the corner: 

1. umbrella of umbrellas. of course.
2. bliss hand lotion. my skin is beyond chapped.
3. shout wipes. crucial. and cleaned up those little white spots on my suede boots. double duty.
4. extra pair of contacts
5. sticker sideburn that atticus refused to wear on halloween. i can't let it go.
7. bumble and bumble mini styling hair lotion for those days when my hair is too messy even for me
8. band aids with neosporin. our kid is two. plus i am the ultimate spaz. plus BLISTERS
9. bobby pins. i'm a goody purist.
10. safety pins you never know
11. barrette see #9
12. glide floss  if i have floss with me at all times i have a better chance of flossing more
13. cover girl bb cream i wear this constantly if not more
14. tissues multipurpose
15. hair brush it only took me ten years to learn to keep a hairbrush in my bag for decent hair
15. crayons
16. atty mittens one day i will convince this boy to wear mittens
17. circular knitting needle for that hat project i'm determined to start before it warms up
18. moosely money change purse from my dad. he's cute.
19. mac impassioned lipstick for fun and chaotic days
21. marc jacobs daisy roll on perfume perfect for the purse
22. eyes wide open gel. necessity for old mamas
23. sephora lipstick in a color no longer available, please recommend something neutralish for work
24. sugar plum nyc lipstick current back up for #23
25. random gloss
27. pen
28. keys
29. address book (anthro, old) stuffed with stamps, thank you notes, checks and random bills i can't pay online


  1. I love being nosy and seeing what other people have in their purse, and let me tell you, you sure have a lot of stuff in there! What girl doesn't though?! My purse weighs like 20 pounds because of all the things I have in there!

    1. i am so nosey! i couldn't believe all the stuff i had fit into this purse! no wonder i can never find anything:)

  2. Love this kind of posts. You sure do carry a lot of stuff with you, though...
    I second the hairbrush. I usually have a comb with me, because it doesn't take as much space.
    I'm new to your blog, but I <3 it :)

    1. thanks, alex! i am so nosey, so these types of posts are always fun to me!
      ps i had no idea i had so much stuff in my bag till i laid it out like that, ha:)

  3. Good call on the Shout Wipes. I feel like any time I have the foresight to bring them with me, I never need them. Then when I'm without, of course I end up staining my jeans.

    1. those shout wipes have saved many a spazy moments of coffee, crumbs and toddler hugs, love them!

  4. and WHO was it that recommended the best mascara in the world to you.....?


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