on a cold thursday night a few weeks ago, i plopped atticus in front of episode of pokoyo and ripped apart our living room. now atticus is really into pokoyo these days but that night his eyes were glued to me as i piled ALL the furniture into the middle of the living room, carried a couch upstairs from the basement and made one of my great running lists (target maybe?) of new items we absolutely needed stat. while i'd very much like to replace one of our couches, a couch is not something one impulsively buys, or so nelson tells me. so what's a girl to do? beyond the aforementioned great rearrangement of 2014, why go to target, world market and art.com to spruce up the place, of course. it's amazing what a little spruce can do for the winter blues.

items purchased: button pillows: world market | striped pillow: target, similar | fluffy throw blanket: target, similar | mustard sweater pillow: target | sam cooke print: art.com | atticus and scout print: art.com