so much to say


we're mostly past that stage when atticus just talks in one word commands. now it's more like lots of short phrases that are strung together into this adorably observant, aware and astute language. i can't believe my boy is going to be TWO in one week. i need to remember all of this. 

1. this morning i went in to atty's room and said good morning like always, but i still had my glasses on instead of my contact lens. he got very close to my face and asked, "eyes broken mama?"

2. for some reason when we pull our car up to our house atticus says, "here we are, castle."

3. i often say the phrase home again when we get home (probably because my mom did and her parents did) and atticus now says, "home again!" pretty regularly when we walk in the door.

4. we've been trying to cut atty off from liquids after 6pmish beyond the night-night milk because too much liquid means soaked sheets in the morning. a few days ago, i went in to his room and found him standing up and very seriously he said, "soaked, mama."

5. last night we went out to chinese with the family and of course we brought yogurt for atticus as his amoue bouche. however we didn't get spoons with our silverware so i said aloud to the table, we need to ask the waiter for a spoon. a few minutes later the waiter came over and atticus lifted his finger very dignified and said, "spoon please."
6. i think my neurotic tendencies are catching up with atty as i hear him making to do lists out loud that sound very similar to the ones in my head, this week's went something like this, "target! trader joes! milk maybe? couple things?"

7. anytime atticus picks up a phone and pretends to make a call he says, "huddo boys" in this very deep voice. 

8. i've gotten a few new apps on letter recognition, tracing and spelling that have been a huge hit! when atty wants to play with them he says, "letters? couple minutes?"

9. after bath time, one of us wraps atty up in his towel and we all look in the bathroom mirror which you can pop out on the sides a bit so it looks like there are more of us. atticus thinks this is so funny and always says, "two mommies, two daddies, two babies."

10. at any time of day atticus might say "oh no! what happened?" usually after he drops something. this is very similar to last year when he would drop something on purpose and then say, "crap."

11. we're very into goldfish crackers in the cuellar household. particularly the pizza variety. we like to give atty a few in a bowl which he delightfully takes and tottles off to his chair to enjoy. when he's done, he comes back with the bowl and says, "few fish more?"

12. atticus loves the pbs show super why, so much so that his second birthday is a super why theme. i think he's going to lose his mind when he sees how crazy i went on amazon for this party. but anyway, when atty wants to watch super why he asks, "one show ok?" to which its very hard to say no, so if we say "okay atticus, one show," he then whispers "okay, okay" and smiles.