for me:
1. ask for help more
2. keep up the night time beauty regime, especially now that you're lucky enough to have this and this 
3. floss daily
4. find time to exercise: walk, yoga, run, swim class with atty, something
5. start juicing again, it makes a difference
6. be gentle and kind with yourself
7. be gentle and kind with others
8. go on a date night every month, it can be simply coffee and cake, but take time to be with each other
9. make more meals ahead so you don't get so crazy sick of chicken nuggets
10. keep dancing, playing and discovering new things

for atticus:
1. say please and thank you
2. don't throw crayons, books, toys, yourself or anything (except a ball outside!) for that matter
3. limit shrieking and screeching to happy moments
4. take swim class with mama and make new friends
5. more play dates
6. listen to mama, daddy, abus, granny, boompa, grandma, grandpa and your family. we love you and are trying to keep you safe and teach you about kindness, generosity and patience.
7. try new vegetables
8. be gentle and kind with yourself
9. practice writing letters, building towers, coloring, kicking, throwing and catching balls outside and so many more exciting new things that an almost two-year old boy can do!
10. keep dancing, playing and discovering new things


  1. This is really sweet Jess. Made me teary eyed.

    1. P.S. this is Stephanie Cash... I need to change my user name.

    2. so glad, steph! and we missed seeing you guys over christmas! hope to visit soon! xoxo

  2. These look like wonderful resolutions! Here's to the new year and new goals. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. good luck to all of us, let's make changes for the better! xoxo


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