not sad desk lunch # 2

i started this week off by making a big vat of organic white quinoa but without much thought into how that would translate to a not sad desk lunch. because let's face it, on it's own, quinoa is VERY sad. on wednesday i added it to leftover chicken tikka masala which was pretty good, but ehhh, i missed the rice. the point of quinoa is not to make you sigh longingly for fluffy white rice. yesterday my task was clear, i must redeem the quinoa! i stuffed my purse with some of my absolute favorite foods in the whole world as i rushed out the door; hair a fright, gas tank empty and hands markered up a la atticus cooke. the quinoa salad that came together at my desk is truly not sad at all. in fact i would say it bears repeating. hey quinoa, your stock is going up in my portfolio.

not sad desk lunch #2:

large pile of cold organic white quinoa (cooked with a bit of cumin, salt and pepper earlier in the week)
many, many bits of herbed goat cheese
diced beets a la trader joes
diced avocado, of course
drizzled balsamic vinegar
few pinches of lemon sea salt

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not sad desk lunch concept from food 52 


  1. haha LOVE the title of this post - i know all about sad desk lunches! I just posted a healthy recipe, great to make ahead and take for lunch ;) this looks delicious - cant wait to try it!

  2. Yum! This looks great! I just can't quit quinoa. ;)

    I just stumbled upon your little corner of the internet and I love it! I couldn't help but notice in your new year's post you mentioned wanting to find the time to exercise and to start food prepping for the week ahead (my husband knows all about the chicken nugget rut) and I thought I might be able to help. I know you haven't exactly asked me, but maybe I can help you cross that off your list too. ;) Anyway, I'd love to chat with you so message me when you get a chance at

    Much Love to you and the fam!


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