theme song

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if you're old like me or just love to dork out about 90s television, you may be aware of the "theme song" concept from ally mcbeal. it always seemed like a fine idea to have a go-to song to pep me up when i was down. whether some beeyoth cut in front of me at the donut line, if my favorite jeans ripped clear through my buns or i just became brain dead and did something completely moronic. the interesting thing about a theme song is once you commit to it, it plays in your head during good times as well. i hear my theme song when atticus giggles about anything, when nelson spontaneously dances with me in the kitchen, when i can pick up with an old friend right where we left off and so many other random, delightful times. what's your theme song?


  1. grow up in the 90's. Wasn't it great? haha!

    1. I had no idea this was your theme song honey! But it is perfect! And you are incredibly beautiful!!!


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