five minute dinners


anyone got the 411 on five-minute dinners other than dialing rabieng or five guys, nuking chicken nuggets, mixing greek yogurt and reheating leftover mac and cheese? we're on a new schedule in the cuellar household that involves four days a week of me screeching in at 6:30pmish and trying to throw something edible and semi-healthy together in about five minutes. last night was my first cooking success. and i say the word cooking very lightly as i made garlic couscous, warmed frozen trader joes turkey meatballs, chopped persian cucumbers and spooned grated romano cheese on top of the whole mess. of course, i am not totally insane and prepared those ingredients in a slightly different way for sir atticus. now atticus has a very sophisticated two-year old palette and mind set; but he whole-hardheartedly embraces the typical scheuer child mentality -- no food should touch another food EVER and once it does, it's dead to me. that being said, the boy scarfed down an alarming amount of couscous and cucumbers. success!
now who's got my dinners covered post holidaze? send the quick and delicious dinner ideas my way, we desperately need help in this department. tonight i've got a bit more time so i may deep fry some pumpkin ravioli in panko breadcrumbs just for the heck of it. it sounds just disgusting enough that it will surely be delicious. of course, i'm betting five bucks atticus will opt for fruit and leftover mac and cheese. anyone betting against me?