have a great weekend


this week has flown by and dragged at the exact same time. somehow it's friday and i'm jazzed per usual. what are you up to this weekend? i plan to knock out about half of my christmas shopping, make a zillion annoying lists for the buffalo shuffle, take lee to a birthday lunch, enjoy a wine and cheese with one of my favorite ladies and chill with my boys by the fire. have a bonkers great weekend.

here are some links around the web:

1. this representative is what gives DC a terrible name. hello asshat.

2. this story is so evocative and heart-breaking and covers an issue near and dear to so many of us.

3. i bought atticus the play doh fun factory and he almost lost his mind, spa-getti mama!

4. this green tea and these gingerbread FROSTED cookies from trader joes (love you joes!) are the perfect fall treat.

5. ordered myself this bag as a to me, love me, from me christmas gift. can't wait for it's arrival.

6. i really enjoyed this where-are-they-now from a christmas story.

7. oh and the sked for all your favorite christmas specials and movies. skip past all that hallmark crap. i can't wait for atticus to see rudolph, the grinch, the peanuts gang and frosty.

8. great article on the importance of play