weekend outfit #1

my parents have never really been into lounge wear. at least not like i am. i rarely saw them in pajamas after 9 a.m., even on the weekends. after coffee, they would likely change into jeans, chinos or the equivalent for the day. even if they're plans were to hang around the house all day with us hooligans, they did not sport the elastic waist variety of clothing that i long for at the end of each day. 

today, lounge wear has become much more widely accepted, and can even be worn out of the house without much judgement. i have fully supported this movement that has allowed me to don the above ensemble while making a fried egg-smashed avocado-lemon-sea-salt breakfast sammy and transition it for an atty and mama target trip with a bit bb cream, mocs and nelson's chambray. 

next up, snazing it up to wear to dinner. i'm thinking i could add my  frye boots, my just ordered lady danger lipstick, my ridic leather motorcycle jacket that i got at nordstroms rack at least ten years ago at 75 percent off that i can't find anywhere (!!!) and a few choice necklaces and take this outfit for tacos. 

outfit details: sweater leggings: target | t shirt: american apparel | funnel scarf: h and m, similar | bear boots: f21, similar


  1. That looks like a super cozy outfit!! I love it!


    1. it is almost too cozy! i have trouble taking it off and going back to "real" clothes:)


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