the little things

in an effort to keep the whining to a minimum, let's focus on all the good stuff.
have a great week!

my favorite trader joes cheese is back for the season! this is especially lovely over this weeknight pasta or on it's own with some sea salt crackers. or you could make me these fig toscano biscuits, dear.

exfoliating facial scrub that's lemony, scrubtastic and makes my face feel so fresh and clean. bonus that each use reminds me of one of my favorite ladies of all time.

anthro grey ankle jeans. over 75 percent off. only one size left. mine. bought with birthday giftcard.

of the thousands of rocks in front of our house, atticus picked up this heart-shaped one. sigh. best boy ever.

we still have 100s of diapers in our house! feel the calm.

we attacked the abundance of overgrown bushes in our front yard.  our house is officially not the white trash house on the street.

too many books to count from aunt tati just as atticus had memorized our entire library. we could not be more thrilled and touched that you thought of our whippersnapper.


  1. Frog and Toad in da house!

  2. Replies
    1. you really must try it, rebecca. it's a limited edition and only around through christmas i believe.


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