the baby cold


you think the man cold is bad? ha. those guys got nothing on the baby cold. sure, the men are whiny, pathetic and all sorts of needy. and then they get sick. but the men do know how to blow their own nose and go the f*ck to sleep as samuel l states. the simple act of blowing one's nose and getting some sleep have been known to do wonders many a mam cold over. but your baby. sigh. well your baby is irresistibly cute and sweet and just the most delightful bundle of joy you ever did see. and then he is sick. and sad. and doesn't understand how to blow his nose or that a cold is not the end. and that you're not trying to piss him off but you need to wipe his nose. again. and that since it's 10:30 p.m., it might be time to go to sleep. sleep is a miracle worker. especially for nervous mamas, singing somewhere over the rainbow 19 times to overly tired, stuffy-nosed boys. and yes goo, i will sing it again and make pancakes for breakfast. feel better my darling boy. xoxo