rainy weekend

we've basically spent the past four very rainy days trying to keep goo dry, warm and inside.
he is getting over a baby cold, after all.

but without coffee this morning, i had to venture out into the monsoon and decided to bring my little man along for the ride.

when we got back, i let him hold the umbrella.

do you remember the first time you held an umbrella all by yourself? 
it's magic i tell you.

weekend plans:

adapting a pumpkin bread recipe (but probably subbing the oil for greek yogurt)

looking for a doormat or two to catch all the rain: maybe this one (note: this is what i've said upon leaving the house for at least five years) | atticus would love this one | of course i just want two of these polka dot rugs, shocker

finding a new kindle book to read: this comes out monday | only heard good things about this

meeting one of my favorite ladies for lunch, i think we're going here and i'm too obsessed with the menu already. i'm thinking fried grouper lettuce wraps and some sort of soup. hmmmm

really contemplating starting christmas shopping as urban has a 50 percent off sale and old gravy/gap/banana are always having a sale but isn't every shop having a sale since no one is going to be able to afford christmas gifts because of the crazy government?

oh and more rain walks, clearly.

what are you up to this weekend? hope it's fun, relaxing and everything you want it to be and more.


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