parenting ups, downs and inbetweens v


1. getting dressed. when i pull atty's shirt over his head he can put both of his arms through. when i put his pants on his legs, he tries to pull them up. he doesn't get too far with the pants most of the time. after all, he does have the roundest buns i've ever seen so it would be quite a strain. of course, zippers are easier to operate then buttons. in the morning, i've found him with his jammies unzipped to his belly button j-lo style on more than one occasion. 

2. books. we're spending a lot of time reading books these days. favorites are any dr seuss, any elephant and piggie and some early reader series books that emphasize word families. i'm planning to buy green eggs and ham on this week's target trip. other suggestions welcome!

3. humor. atty has a pretty sophisticated sense of humor. he delights in the piggie and elephant "we are in a book" which is very meta and postmodern. but he gets it! he also likes to tease me by saying, "name," pointing at himself and saying, "nelson" and giggling.


1. defiance. i know he's not yet two but i've seen him walk toward the television, turn back look at me and grin, listen as i say "don't touch the television please" and march up and try to knock it off the stand. sigh.

2. climbing. he's still scaling the sink, table, pretending he's flying on the couch, beds or coffee table and screaming "super readers!" a la super why. the injuries to atticus have been physically minor but mentally frightening to myself and nelson.


1.  the potty. he's still not using it which is fine and dandy, but we're knocking out some of those pre-steps along the way. now almost any time there is any movement ahem south, we get a report. in the middle of target we get to hear "toots!" bellowed at full volume as i stroll the cart quickly out of whatever aisle the deed was done in. at the park he's a bit more subtle with his peers near by, "pee pee bathroom" and then running off to join his friends. my favorite report was last monday morning during a very early stroll around the hood. i had been carrying a still sleepy atty and put him down on the sidewalk. i kept walking and turned around to find him still crouched, waving a hand in front of his face and whispering "toots."

original idea inspired by jen loves kev