it just doesn't matter


i'm taking all the things i've been whining about this week, confessing them and telling myself off in ital. 

1. the scale. it goes up and down a pound here, two pounds here. stop obsessing, you look fine.

2. the weather. so its 85 degrees in october and you can't wear tights and boots unless you want to seal in the sweat. so wear a maxi dress and mocs, you'll wish you could in less two months.

3. atty's cold. he has a runny nose and cough. babies get colds. wipe his nose, give him extra kisses and go to work.

4. the carpet. it's a white carpet in a house with a toddler. run the vacuum once a week and be done with it.

5.  hair. so it's overgrown and it looks like atty trimmed your bangs. tease it up big or tie it in a top knot, done and done.

6. the laundry. there is always another load to do, redo or fold. toddler go through three outfits a day. so does nelson. this is not news.

7. closets. there all exploding with crap we don't need. organize it, throw it out or ignore it.

8. vacation. you can't remember the last time you took one. you get two days off every week to do whatever you want with your kid and husband, do something fun goddammit. and don't vacuum on those days.

9. sleep. you love sleeping. sleep is great and necessary and important. but more important: rocking and singing to your sickie and laughing with your husband about nothing.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love all of these...and they're all so true!

    1. feels so good to write it down and be done with it! here's to the good things:)


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