work outfit #2

there is almost no occasion in which a jean jacket can't save an outfit. i first wore a jean jacket over my girl scout uniform circa 1985. in that instance, the jean jacket served double duty: fashion and saving my life from spontaneous combustion by green polyester. while surrounded by 25 other green polyester clad seven-year-olds. oh and troop leaders. enough of a mental picture? oh and our pants were tapered and rolled.  gawd, my eyes. 

since denim will forever be current i add my jean jacket to many a work ensembles. at first, it was purely out of necessity (my office is like an igloo most days) before i realized i could slot my jean jacket with my cardigans and casual suit jackets. oh and this time i finally embraced the whole tights with slightly open-toed shoes. so crazy bold right?

outfit details: trucker jean jacket: levis | dress circa 2010: f21, similar | brown-grey kitten-heeled mary janes circa 2009: kenneth cole, similar | grey skinny belt: f21, similar | grey tights: target | necklaces: the genius that is kristin bartlett; jean | lulu

clearly, atty does it better. oh and he had his first jean jacket at twenty weeks. gestation people. you know? in the womb. style for miles and miles i tell you. 

outfit details: jean jacket: baby gap | grey shoes: toms | grey striped onesie: carters, similar | robot pants: bought by the genius that is my sister, similar


  1. Oh gosh I wish I looked this cute when I went to work! You have great style!

    gilead in bloom

    1. thank you, victoria! i've gotten good at pretending:)


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