pumpkin pie millkshake

pre pumpkin pie milkshake, uncertainty looming

ingredients gathered, no measuring tools present

mystified by the blending and whirling and noise

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 less than two seconds after this shot the remainder of the milkshake almost spilled everywhere.  my mama eyes in the back of my head saved the day. and the counter. and  most importantly, the milkshake.

yes, we can have more atticus

i threw a can of organic pumpkin in the cart this week and managed to use the whole thing in three days. we had pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin-banana muffins and two rounds of pumpkin milkshakes. the best part of these milkshakes is that you really don't need to measure your ingredients. ok honestly, the best part of these milkshakes is that they're freakin delicious. most of the time, milkshakes scream summer, but adding pumpkin makes them totally acceptable for fall. right? and using nonfat frozen greek yogurt (am i the only one who didn't know this existed?) makes them relatively healthy. of course, nelson tried these and said, hmmm a little tart from the yogurt, maybe you should just use ice cream. sigh. this  from the man who banned cookies. come on dude, be consistent. or just drink the milkshake,. drink it up!

pumpkin pie milkshakes (inspired by how sweet it is recipe)
about 2 scoops of nonfat frozen greek yogurt
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1/3 cup milk/ff half and half
dashes cinnamon and nutmeg
mix all to combine and share with your favorite 20-month-old


  1. such cute photos!
    thanks for sharing this recipe - it looks amazing :)

    1. thanks shayla! it's perfect the perfect fall, post-work dessert:)

  2. this looks/sounds amazing! such sweet photos

    1. thanks petal! it will certainly become a staple in our house:) xoxo


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