parenting ups, downs and inbetweens iv


1. memorization. isn't memorization the first step to reading? well we're on our way then. atty can fill in the blanks to almost any of his books from "i know it is wet and the sun is not SUNNY, but we can have lots of good fun that is FUNNY" to "when you're feeling BLUE and you don't know what to DO there's nothing like a TICKLE TIME to make you feel like NEW" to "that's not my puppy his coat is too HAIRY.
p.s. the atlantic says memorization is bad for learning, does this count for a 20-month old?

2. counting. atty can count to twenty! he likes to count the stairs when we go up and down them at the park and on the way to bed. he likes it best if we count the number in between, so he says 1, i say 2, etc. of course, he also knows that he's 1. most importantly, i am trying to teach him that i am 5 and daddy is 40.

3. pretend play. atticus loves to pretend he's going somewhere. this game used to be restricted to the front door and it was basically him saying, "byyyyyeee," running away and then running back and shrieking, "home!" with the biggest grin. it's as ridiculously adorable as it sounds. i imagine he thinks this is what i look like when i come home after work and he isn't very far off.  but now there is a little more plot, something like:

  • atticus: byyeeee, (backing away and trotting down the sidewalk proudly)
  • me: bye atticus, have a good day
  • atticus: soon!
  • me: oh, i'll see you soon! i love you!
  • atticus: love you! cream! (signs love you)
  • me: oh you're going to get ice cream? what kind?
  • atticus: choc lat (grins)

and then i die a thousand deaths of cuteness. i'm actually dead right now.


1. still yes, with the meltdowns. but the progress on these is that we've started to, well let's be honest, i've started to take them in stride. some of the time. nelson wasn't very phased by them, being a slightly more sane person and all. most of the time i say something like, "it's okay to be upset, i understand, but i'm going to get an apple if you'd like one" and i try to walk away and not look back. sometimes this turns into, "apple? apple? pleaseA pleaseA" and sometimes it does zilch, or even eggs him on the meltdown to a whole new level. like screaming, "torture! torture!" SIGH. why can't he act like this when i leave for work?

2. climbing. i think we're at that phase where boys like to climb on stuff with no thought of the consequence or danger. it's similar to the stairs last month. i've gone to get a fork (maybe three feet and back?) and found atticus on top of the dining room table, like, what? this isn't okay? i've stood next to him, applying make up in the bathroom and watched him climb onto the toilet, stand up on it and then try to scale the bathroom sink. i guess my plans to buy a stool are sort of moot. or stupid. yes, definitely stupid.


1. strength. atticus is definitely stronger then me and i'm a wus and all, but he's only a 28-pound meatloaf, so what gives? i'm very proud he's so strong, but it makes things like getting him to sit down in a slippery bath very challenging. so much so that i yanked him out of the bath after his hair was sopping wet and was still missing the necessary soap. i figured he could stink it up for another day instead of risking life and limb.

original idea inspired by jen loves kev