dinner and a movie

last night, we went on a rare weekday date night to see the premiere of sloan, a short film that nelson was the sound recordist and forgot he starred in!

we even got a bit spiffy for the occasion. of course, then goo photo bombed us with his orange suit.

before nelson's debut we sat down to a cozy meal at one of my favorite vietnamese restaurants, four sisters.

we started the meal off right with celebratory drinks and did our best to not talk about how cute goo was for an hour. we were surprisingly successful, yea! our marriage is not just based on goo's cuteness!

i ordered this ridiculous bowl of rice noodles topped with grilled pork, cucumbers, sprouts, cilantro and a pork crispy spring roll. i added plum sauce to practically every bite.of course. number 36 on this menu if you're interested.

after dinner, we ran over to the aforementioned angelika theater which was very sleek and modern.

even the bathrooms were cool, selfie required right?


as we were trying to blend in with the crowd, three people came up to nelson and said "congratulations! you were so great!" of course i was a bit confused since he was the sound recordist; how did they recognize him? then nelson remembers that he actually had a pretty big role in the film! apparently one actor canceled at that last minute and nelson filled in for an entire day of shooting.  


that surprise totally cracked me up. here i am with mr modest:) 

congratulations to the cast and crew of sloan!  we were so impressed with the professional quality of the film (and of course, the sound!) and were so happy and proud to be there to celebrate with all of you! 

make sure you watch the trailer!


  1. Great pictures. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. thanks leelee! hope you had a great weekend too:)

  2. I hear you there - our date nights are equally rare. So lovely :)

    1. date nights are rare for sure, but so important to have that time together as a couple:)


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