nelson put a ban on cookies about a month ago. i was a bit miffed, of course, but who am i to insist that refined sugar be an essential part of our diets? so i tried my best. i stuck to the candy dish at work and a massive cookies from cafe phillips on occasion. oh and we had fruit instead of cookies after dinner. if that didn't fulfill my sweet tooth, i'd have a slice of organic whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter and a smidge of nutella. it was actually working out okay for awhile. and then i discovered a few of our favorite cookies came in mini form. i am a sucker for mini anything and they were buy one, get one, at harris teeter. what's a girl to do? into the cart they went and two days later all the cookies were gone. sigh.  nelson was on to something. we had cookie issues. but if we kept the cookies out of the house, we found alternatives.

around this time lee gave me these popsicle molds for my birthday. i loved popsicles as a kid but it was the 80s, they were pure sugar, no fruit allowed. whenever anyone asked what flavor i wanted, i always said, "red!" because no one really knew what the flavors were, you just picked the color you wanted.

during monday night's dinner i opened up the popsicle box. honestly, i wasn't planning on making popsicles right then. i was trying to distract atticus with the molds so i could eat my own gd dinner for two gd minutes. did you know popsicle is actually two words? atticus says it, "pop (pause) sicle"

after i wrestled a few molds away from him, we whipped up these popsicles in about two minutes. truth be told, atticus won't touch his tongue to them. but hey, i'm not eating cookies and atticus is happy with his bowl of fruit in his house. nelson is on his own. and he's probably eating lemon frosties in his car as you read this.

cherry-strawberry-champagne-grape-mint popsicles
5 cherries
5 strawberries
5 dozen champagne grapes
5 mint leaves
puree in blender, pour into molds, freeze at least four hours. try to force feed to your toddler.


  1. Oh, those soft, pillowy, Lemon Frosties.... :(


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