there are some evenings after i put atticus to bed when i have the most perfect putter around the kitchen. last night one was one of those nights. atticus is almost fully on the mend, which i think put me in just the right mood for a putter. the added bonus was that the kitchen was already tidied up and the glass of wine from dinner was still marinating through my now relaxed mind. the lights were low and romantic for me and my  putter dance. i set about making a barley salad, banana oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes and iced coffee. in about thirty minutes all three items were tucked away into the fridge and the kitchen was back to it's usual homey state. i'm not sure what it is about that putter, putter, putter dance that eases my mind so much. the fact that i can uninterruptedly measure, whisk and chop while listening to the soft boil of water and barley or just that i can not think about anything but the tasks at hand for a brief period of time. it's definitely my way of mediating. do you putter?