better than crack brownies

these are the best brownies you will ever make.
they're insanely easy to make.
while your oven preheats, you make the batter.
they only cook 30 minutes.
you probably have all the ingredients already.
oh and they combine two of my favorite loves: chocolate and salt.

recipe here: crack brownies


  1. I'm making these, SOON! yum. Miss you. Hi to Atticus and his warm legs.

  2. Are you able to reply to comments? Because I have two questions... did you use salted butter? And what kind of salt did you use? I just made them and I don't think I got the salt thing right. Even with careful sprinkling, some bites were salty and some bland. I would love to know what you did, because I love brownies! Thanks!! =)

  3. Bummer, I was hoping you could respond to my previous comment. I ended up eating the whole pan myself because my husband and kids thought they were too salty. haha I didn't mind too much. Just wish I could get it right for the next time. =)

  4. i can't believe i never commented back to you, i'm so sorry! i used unsalted butter. and i used sea salt for the topping. hope you try them again!


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