west elm love

my parents were so kind as to give us a west elm card for christmas.
when we asked for the gift, our plan was to put it toward a bed frame or a large area rug.
well, shortly after christmas i discovered the crate and barrell outlet in old town that had bed frames for $100 and area rugs for $200, both originally over $1500.
clearly, this was the better option.
so this still leaves us with the lovely west elm card, here are some of the possible purchases we're debating, both large and small, thoughts welcome please:

 the cutest bath mat ever.

fancy and soft monogrammed towels

 a geometric legged table to pile more stuff on

trays for whosits and whatsits

a soft as butter orange leather chair that i would probably let no one sit on

a kitchen mat to catch all my crumbs

acrylic tumblers for juice, water and wine oh my!

 a funky tiled mirror to examine all my flaws

pillows repurposed from antique vintage saris to match the leather chair

what do you covet from west elm
ideas please!


  1. Oh the joys of having a gift card! That is awesome that you were able to score such a good deal on those items. I love it when that happens. I think that chair you are eyeing is awesome. I love those type of bucket seating chairs with curved backs. I'd love two for my living room.

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment, Jesse.

  2. Love the bath mat- great pattern! Those glasses are simple yet classic too-

  3. They recently had a SALE, luv their bamboo & lacquered containers, Jesse~

  4. love the butter orange leather chair so much!

  5. Oooh, West Elm! Nice work, parents! That'll be a fun spree!


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