pulled bbq chicken sandwich

i love bbq.
the sticky, smoky and sweet sauce that sticks to everything.
bbq sauce is probably my favorite condiment.
it makes so many foods exceptionally tastier.
tofu, sweet potatoes, green beans, turkey sandwiches, pretzels, potato chips, brussel sprouts, steak, salad, burgers, etc.
just to name a few.
and of course chicken.

sweet baby ray's is my bbq sauce of choice, and as you can see i have two varieties.
this pulled chicken sammy had a little bit of both, i like my bbq sweet n' spicy with a honey kick.
i make my own rules people.

you will need a few other ingredients to make this sammy just right.
after all if i just poured bbq sauce over chicken, that wouldn't be much of a recipe.

onion and garlic of course

and the secret to a north carolina bbq taste, why apple cider vinegar.

i definitely sampled the chicken right out of the pan.
and then finished off the leftovers a few hours minutes later.
but really, it's best to put this lovely bbq pulled chicken on a large roll that can soak up the sauce with abandon.

i really wish i had another one of these right now.

Recipe: Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

2 chicken breasts, about 1 lb
1 cup plus 2 tbsp your favorite bbq sauce
1/2 medium onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
salt, pepper, cumin to taste
1 cup of water
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 rolls

sprinkle salt, pepper and cumin on chicken breasts
saute onions and garlic in cooking spray on medium heat, about 5 minutes
add chicken breasts
cover with water, bbq and vinegar
bring up to a boil, then knock down to a simmer for about 15 minutes or until chicken is cooked through
remove chicken, let cool, and shred with 2 forks
turn up heat and let sauce boil for about 15 minutes until thick, or sauce has reduced by half
add cooked chicken back to sauce until warmed through
serve over rolls with extra napkins and a knife and fork


  1. pulled pork is the best! i love carnitas, but now I need some bbq sauce.

  2. Jesse- Sweet Baby Ray's is my favorite, too. I just pour it on. Never so sophisticated as to make it into a recipe!


  3. you're getting so good at photographing food. It makes my tummy rumble.

  4. Anything that has onions and garlic as the "add-ons" is yummy to me. Anything with five ingredients that looks this good is a winner!

    (I didn't count the water and s&p + I always have rolls/bread :)

  5. This looks SO yummy!

    Love your blog - following now :) xx

  6. YUMMMM!


  7. omg this looks soooo delicious, it's making me hungry!

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