funfetti cake balls

there are some fake out dessert recipes that are truly classics.
they're not really baking.
they're not even close to homemade.
and forget about these recipes being healthy, puh-lease.
they are, however, classics for a reason.
because they're absolutely delicious, addicting and even have non-sweet lovers coming back confused and enamored with you and your cake balls.

btw there is something so liberating about making a perfect looking cake and then completely destroying it.

the hard part is finding enough room in your freezer to fit 100 cake balls.
i did discover about a half dozen bags of frozen vegetables upon inspection.
oh good, at least now i have a plan to alter the affect of the cake balls right?

and the special dark chocolate coating.

and yes, i did say 100 cake balls. 
100 cake balls.
please don't just make these on a whim for yourself and your hubby.
unless you have a plethora of elastic waist pants in your house.
these are for an event, outside of the house.
bring them to a dinner party, a cook out, etc.
you can then still sit near the platter of cake balls and gaze at them lovingly.
but you will not have 100 cake balls in your house mocking you all day.

p.s. save a few for home, just for yourself.
these won't last.

Recipe: Funfetti Cake Balls
One box funfetti cake mix
3 eggs
1/3 cup canola oil
1 cup water (I used lemonade)
1 can vanilla frosting
1 bag dark chocolate chips

make funfetti cake according to directions, using eggs, oil and lemonade.
let cake cool completely.
destroy cake to crumbles
mix cake with frosting
put cake ball mixture into the freezer for about an hour
remove and start making cake balls
place on parchment-lined baking sheets and freeze an additional hour
melt chocolate chips on lowest setting
add one cake ball at a time into chocolate with two forks
remove from chocolate bath and douse with sprinkles
return cake balls to freezer for 30 minutes


  1. that is fun- bet my monkeys would get a kick out of making these

  2. i love cakeballs but, officially hate making them, ha. looks good though! -meg

  3. the sprinkles in your pictures caught my eye!!
    i love cake balls soo much and the fact that you chose funfetti won me over :)


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