♥ list of love♥

so many lovey dovey things to love.
a list of things i love.

1.♥  a video

i will never love you more than peanut butter
so cute, wes andersonish, dreamy, 70s, reminds me of cat power, found on oh joy

2.♥  bando heart shoe clips

i think i need these. 
i've been thinking about them for a few weeks.
and i'm not even a super sparkly sequiny person.
but the sight of them makes me smile.

a shameless plug

the free-form squiggly hearts and miniature-sized morsels were filled with so much love.
oh and butter. of course.

4.♥  a card

someecards continues to be hilariously honest.
but also sweet.
it's pretty amazing to not be sick of someone.

5. ♥ office supplies

cute cutesy heart paper clips.
now organizing all my paper work seems like fun.

6.♥ a dress

it's kind of frenchie with the stripes.
but i love that the stripes are red.
matching her brilliant red lipstick.
i would wear this all year long.

7. ♥ another vid

found  via cup of jo.
brilliant and sweet.
we've all been there.

8.♥  a book

ms. bloom shows us characters who sometimes haven't a clue how to love.
but still want the love they don't understand.

a book about the love for the color red.
my stepmom got me this book right after we met, when i was about six.
we both shared the love for the color red.
i knew then she was someone special.

10.♥ a ring

i won this gorgeous piece on a lola and george giveaway.
as you may remember, i've been wanting a cocktail ring for awhile now.
this ring is far more chic and glamorous than me.
but i will try my best to pull it off.
i already know i'm in love, can't wait to receive it!
p.s. i just love the blog!

Hope this pre valentine list makes you feel the love


  1. Love the shoes and cupcakes:) Great vday inspired post!

  2. The shabby apple dress is adorable. I'm going to order those paperclips for my desk at work. Yes, I'm going to use the company credit card!

  3. Ahhhh! Haha. Awesome! I am going to take that bumper sticker and post it on my husband's facebook wall;)


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