new glasses

atticus decided my 2004 glasses were so last decade so he broke them in two, forcing me to wear them affixed with a band aid. until now. help me choose my next pair of glasses via warby parker home try on!!

these are a bit too 80s but very melanie griffith in working girl, which of course, i love.

2. preston in gimlet tortoise

i think these are a little too HEY LOOK AT MY GLASSES! 

these are cute, a little predictable and they match my hair.

this is what i originally wanted but now i'm worried i look like i'm trying to be the female clark kent. 

i think they're too square and overwhelm my face.

okay vote! i'm leaning toward #1 or #3 or maybe #4. ahhhh. help!

*this is not a sponsored post, i just need new glasses*


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