taking stock


Making: a conscious decision to drink less coffee. starting tomorrow.
Cooking: up a writing plan of attack for this fall
Drinking: iced coffee, sigh, i know. oh and water!
Reading: the carolyn hax files. so addicting
Wanting: varicose-vein-free thighs
Looking: forward to not having the tights or no tights debate within the month.
Playing: words with friends with friends who are way smarter than me
Wasting: energy worrying, i need to stop
Sewing: nothing. still have atty's quilt fabric cut and ready to go, now where is the motivation?
Wishing: to get picked for the wheel
Enjoying: watching felicity on hulu plus
Waiting: to be ready for pumpkin everything once again.
Liking: that all my bathrooms are clean at once
Wondering: if i should make soup every sunday night
Loving: that atticus asks to go for walks sixteen times a day
Hoping: for piles of clean, folded and put away laundry
Marveling: at all the new words atty seems to know every day.
Needing: new glasses, can i pull these off?
Smelling: nothing but stuffiness. i hate that i can't open the windows in my office.
Wearing: tights, a sweater dress and boots. fall is here. so rad.
Following: my own heart, eff the rest of it
Noticing: grey hairs peeking out
Knowing: the bang trim i gave myself is less then perfect
Thinking: about seeing all my favorites over thanksgiving break, and their babies and their growing tummies. can't wait!
Feeling: lucky
Bookmarking: lots of pencil dresses, like this one and this on
Opening: a new chapstick. someone ate mine last weekend
Giggling: about my conversation with atticus this morning.
          me: where is daddy?
          atty: poop
Feeling: okay, considering it's monday

idea stolen from daybook who stole it from pip