cantaloupe smoothie.

so i've been gone again for awhile.
yes, it's not the first time.
but this time i'm going to post the most current to the moldiest (not literally) items.
you wanna know why?
because i can. snap.
get a blog if you want to be in control:)

so its mid julyish.
and every year around this time i get a hankering for cantaloupe.
delicious, juicy, luscious, lovely, cantaloupe.
i start slow.. ...getting one cantaloupe a week.
eating a bowl here, a bowl there.
the next week i progress to cantaloupe talk in my fb status updates.
then it's trying to incorporate cantaloupe into each meal with the threat looming that soon all the good perfect cantaloupe will be gone, gone, gone.

however, before my dramatics really took over cantaloupe made an appearance at cocktail time.
start with your chopped cantaloupe, i added all of this, its maybe 1.5-2 cups?

in the blender it went along with 1 container of your favorite yogurt.
or the only yogurt you have in the apartment.
perhaps? yes.

the honey is very subtle in this.
either that or the cantaloupe overpowered it.
or perhaps it was this man?

oh yes  i did!
it's the cucumber vodka back in full effect.
this is totally optional of course, but it make a really fresh addition.
a few splashes or more, depending on your taste for cucumbers.
more ice and and another whirl in the blender for the most refreshing summer cocktail for two.


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