girls night

The Fashion Group International's 6th Annual "Night of 100 Stars"

image: nasty gal

i need one. like yesterday. i'm not making promises of heels or toned (or even shaved for that matter) legs. more likely chucks and stretchy jeans. but yeah, we can do kicks like this, especially if you're buying at the pinot grigio lounge.  

weekend plans:

as atticus would say: watch fortune, bubble bath, relax.

our ottoman is exploding, looking for replacements like this or this other ideas?

it's going to be 60 degrees tomorrow. atty and his snotty nose and i are going to a park and maybe to dairy godmother to try the girl scout thin mint custard. OMG.

speaking of girl scout cookies, i'm expecting my delivery this weekend. #thinmintsinthefreezer

watching lena dunham on snl, although who am i kidding? probably sunday morning since i go to bed at 9 p.m. most nights.

lunching in anapolis with one of my favorite ladies of all time. lunch suggestions?

have a lovely weekend.